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Dear Customer , Thanks for taking interest in our services there is a summary of Terms and Condition ,  we amplify cases which more likely we come across them Our aim is to provide successful House Removals with stress free.

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 Parking must be arranged and is the Responsibility of the Customer.

 Any Parking Fine received later concerning parking ( Not Driving ) will be forwarded to the customer under hiring condition and it's the customer's responsibility to pay it .

 Any Parking Fine incurred for parking while moving will be added to the cost of the final bill.

 We add £ 10 London congestion charge if you are inside the congestion charge area

 If the customer fails to arrange the parking or provide a parking more than 20 meters we got the right to change the price quoted

 We are not responsible for furniture access wise (example: sofa won't fit )

 in agreed fixed quotation Job we got the right to change the quotation if the amount of belonging is more than what is described on first time.

Job arrival times are estimated. Although we do our best to be on time, circumstances out of our control may cause delays, we do not offer discounts for lateness.

 If is not agreed on quotation we charge £ 15 for each dismantling or reassembling of any piece of furniture.

 We are not fully responsible for shipboard furniture (like IKEA furniture)

 In hourly rate after minimum job requirement we will Charged each next half hour when you enter by 5 minutes you will be charged half hour.

 If the packing is done by the customer we are not responsible for any damage inside the boxes

 If any cancelation or disagreement we got the right to keep the Deposit if the Cancelation within 1 week otherwise we keep just £20 administration fees.

 we are not responsible of an incident or damage if the premises left unattended .

 Our insurance cover only visible damage, and all claims mast be within 48 hours

 we are not responsible for any internal damage except if is related to an obvious external damage.

 Multi Pick-ups is considered as one job, in case of unloading than going to other destination is counted as second job which minimum 2 hours required.

 Debit or Credit card details are required to secure a booking. Payments will be processed on completion on moving day.

 We reserve the right to refuse, cease or stop the job at any point if our staffs are abused - verbally or otherwise.


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