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Quick tips on how to start your packing moving project

The first rule is : packing takes time to start early
Working with proper boxes is supportive, best cardboard boxes are double wall if you order from internet shop make sure to avoid single wall are weak

Buy all box sizes is so fundamental, as each box size is suited for a specific role, small boxes are for books, CDs , medium for the kitchen and so on .

Keep away from liquids, if plastic container are available is better than boxes don’t forget to mark this side up , as spillage in the lorry that mean a disaster when moving house .

Boxes are not enough you need packing paper for crystals and bubble wrap are needed to for any fragile item, bubble wrap them then place your fragile items in box.

Two or Four Weeks before Moving

Put a plan and start preparing for the moving house several weeks ahead depend on your house size and the nature of the move,  locally, across the city, long distance , international move or moving house London.

The further the relocation is the earliest start you need, the next big step is to make a decision what are your going to take and what to leave behind. Go to your garage or storage place go through your staff one by one then decide what is sellable or junked, this is the most difficult part for many people as most people are attached to their belongings as each item curries plenty of memories.

If a box is not open more one year that mean you don’t need any things inside it , going through closed and dressers any piece of clothes or footwear you didn’t wear for period of one year is better to get rid of, more likely you don’t use is for a year or two.

If you got early access to your new property is better to start doing some work there or controlling and supervising your builders, take measurement where heavy and big will be that helps a lot to take decision whether it worth keeping them, selling or dump away.

Check all access wise from doors, windows to back doors before booking any moving companies because some firms they don’t have external elevator or crane.

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