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Question :  Do i need to arrange packing ?

Answer : in most cases is yes  especially big removals or you are based in Central London 

Question : Why on Big Move & Central London Specifically ? 

Answer :  in Big Removals which is two bedrooms + , if the parking is not arranged  for  example our lorry parks over 15 meters with all the amount of heavy furniture and boxes  walking with them and going back is very exhaustion work and time consuming  

concerning in central london is difficult to find parking and in you find not permitted we will get PCN ( Penalty Charge Notice ) very quick. 

Question :  In Small move do i have to arrange parking Permit ? 

Answer : It is better to arrange parking, but if is too late or you feel is not necessary  we can park on single yellow line for 20 minutes or pay and display or parking when is not authorise  and we keep watching our Removal Van 

Question : Do I Pay the Penalty Charge 

Answer :   unfortunately  the answer is YES  because parking is YOUR responsibility 

Question : How often you get Parking Penalty  PCN ? and i have to worry  about it ? 

Answer : 99 % we get away with is  because our movers are careful and they know how to deal with Traffic officers , most traffic warden they understand as we are in need to work  and most  small move we don't stay long. 

Question : In case i don't arrange parking what happen ?

Answer : in small move with no heavy furniture we will be cool about it and let it go .  In case of big House Removals  or small move with heavy stuff we change the quotation accordingly . 

Question : Can Easy Removals book parking Permit for me ? 

Answer :  Yes if you use Full Service Removals or a Big Job 

Question : Where can arrange parking Permit ? 

Answer : Contact you local borough  they must have a parking department and be aware of that : each borough has got Days Notice in Advance 

and check our list below of london boroughs how to arrange parking permit  

Note : All information Bellow are NOT accurate 100%  each Council might change there internal regulations Please check don't leave it to last minutes.

 Barnet Council  :  5 working days notice £60 per bay per day.

 Brent Council :  21 days notice £10 admin fee £40 per bay per day

Camden Council : 17 working days notice £59.50 up to four bays

City of London Council : 6 working days notice £130 for one bay £13 per bay thereafter

Ealing Council : 7 days notice £30 for the first bay for the first day. Then £30 per bay per day

Hackney Council :  7 working days notice £130 admin fee for 1 day (to include up to 3 bays) then £14 per bay per day thereafter

Hammersmith & Fulham : 8 days notice £40 per bay per day

Haringey Council :  2 weeks notice. £74.30 admin fee. £16 per bay per day

Hillington Council :  3 working days notice. £15 per 5m space per day

Houslow Council :  10 working days notice. £45 for one bay per day then £15 for each subsequent

Islington Council : 14 days notice. If we book: £180 for first day then £27.50 per bay per day thereafter. If a resident applies personally: £80 for first day then £25 for each subsequent

Kensington And Chelsea Council :   10 working days notice. £48 per bay per day

Lambeth Council :  10 working days notice. £60 admin fee. £40 per bay full day. £25 per bay half day

Southwark  Council : 7 days notice. £50 admin fee. £25 per bay

Tower Hamlet Council : 5 working days notice. A&C £75 for first bay then £25 per bay thereafter. B&D £65 for first bay then £15 per bay thereafter

Wandsworth Council : 5 working days notice. £26 per bay for 1 day. £21 for each subsequent

Westminster Council :  10 days notice (they are very flexible). £38 per bay per day




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