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Easy Removals wants you to a have stress free house removals, our moving tips and advice are like a blueprint for success, most of our moving tips are a common sense but at hectic time and the pressure most people don’t take them in consideration or won’t be away of basic removals tips.

Moving Home Preparation and checklist 2 weeks to go:

Moving House tips one: if you are a tenant advice the landlord well ahead and try to book for checking out inventory as early as possible in case there is something broken or faulty your got plenty of time to fix it.
Moving House tips two: inform children’s schools or nursery as early as you can, especially in London most of schools or nurseries are packed.
Moving home tips three: keep in touch with both schools and if any documentation involve collect them on early stage of their availability.
Moving house tips four: contact all government agencies e.g. electoral registry , sensors … etc and notify them of your new address.
Moving house tips five: notify all health care departments: doctor ( GP ), dentist, clinic and certainly the family doctors . Start the transfer of all your medical records.
Moving Home tips six: notify all small business working close with e.g. Seasonal Gardner, handy man…. etc.
Moving tips seven: is better to go through your food storage and try to consume it entirely, don’t forget the golden rule “ the less weight and volume the cheaper cost will be “.
Moving tips eight: Close the deal with your moving company and arrange the time for packing or boxes delivery.
Moving tips ten: set your post mail redirection, is more secure mail delivered to new home waiting for you than previous property closed for sale or workshop of renovation.
Moving tips eleven: any magazine, books reading program, milk deliver … etc make transfer to your new home and notify them to make last or dead line of delivery.
Moving tips twelve: arrange a nanny, number of family or friends for child care for moving day.

Moving Home Checklist 1 week to go:

To do no 1 : change of address all your bank accounts, and change your local branch the closest branch, although your business manager whom holding business account.
To do no 2: inform tax authorities
To do no 3 : Make and repair needed and good clean before moving day

To do no 4: dispose of all half bottle full cleaning products, or an old chemical in the shed.

To do no 5: dispose any flammable produce: any diesel, oil or other chemicals.
To do no  6 : drain any motor machinery from any fuel left.
To do no 7: gather any spar keys from friends and family
To do no 8 : send e-mails or text to all your connections to inform them of your move and new address .
To do no 9 : gather all manual for washing machine, dishwasher …etc put them on spotted place for the mew tenants or owner.
To do no 10 : try to rebook all your local services to your new address.
To do no 11: put cleaning bag apart and unpacking tools , is better they travel in car than the moving truck they may get lost inside palled up boxes.
To do no 12: wrap and secure your delicate electrical items, or leave a note to your movers to do wrap pack them.
To do no 13: final clean e.g. medical cabinet, oven …etc

House Removals Checklist on Moving Day

Tips one: place aside all your personal stuff; suitcases or any other cleaning bags , so they won’t get mixed when they load removal van.
Tips two: put aside all important travel document: passport, driving licence all papers
Tips three: make sure your travel kit is with you not mixed with other boxes.
Tips four : make sure pets are in their cage and children are away from movers way.
Tips six: final walk checking any loose box for re-tapping if needed
Tips seven: leave a note with forwarding address
Tips eight : make sure all doors and windows are locked.

Moving House check list in your New Home:

# 1 unpack the most important first
# 2 take all item don’t fit to the store after you decide what to do.
# 3 get involve with new neighbourhood e.g. sport activities … etc
# 4 look for best local shops and shopping centre with best parking and other facilities
# 5 familiarise your pet with the new area

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